In today’s turbulent environment full of changes in the tax realm, it is essential to have a strong partner who can find the most optimal tax solution not only for one company but also for interconnected international groupings.

You will find tax advisors with over ten years of experience in our company.

Complex international issues are solved in cooperation with foreign tax experts.

Tax advisory in EHATAX

We will advise you on choosing a business model that best suits your needs in terms of taxation and the related administrative burdens.

Proactive approach

We promptly respond to your questions regarding taxes and proactively identify the various tax risks in your business while designing solutions.

Collaboration with foreign partners

To solve your international issues, you do not have to look for local tax advisors. Just contact us.

Tax Planning

We will help you move your tax residence or part of your business to another country in order to achieve better tax optimization.

If you find yourself in one of the following descriptions, then we are here for you too.

  • You do business not only in Slovakia – you develop your business activities significantly beyond the borders – and you do not know what tax hazards you face and what registration and other tax obligations you have incurred both at home and abroad.
  • On a daily basis, you come across a variety of issues, especially in the area of ​​income tax and VAT. You make cross-border transactions and you assume there is no VAT between entrepreneurs within the European Union.
  • You want to use Austria’s tax model for a limited partnership and a limited liability company, or you are considering moving your business to another country and you need to assess the country’s specificities of taxation. Perhaps you need to make a tax audit of a company you intend to buy. You also want to be constantly informed about tax legislation news.