We have provided comprehensive bookkeeping since 2006. Our first clients were transport companies involved in international freight haulage of goods. At present, we are a stable partner to many foreign companies operating on a global scale.

Since 2006, our company has been engaged in domestic and international accounting . We are a stable partner to many foreign companies operating on a global scale.

In addition to accounting outsourcing, we also provide external control for those clients whose accounting is managed by their internal accountant. We provide our clients with regular accounting reports that best fit their needs. We can respond to each situation flexibly and quickly thanks to profound experience from various areas.

Why Ehatax?

The result of our work is correct bookkeeping in compliance with current legislation.

Open mind

We do not look at your accounting only via the complexity of laws, but also from the perspective of an entrepreneur. We can provide you with clarification on seemingly complicated accounting issues.

Taking responsibility

We’ll take 100% responsibility for your business accounting. If necessary, we will represent you at the appropriate offices.

Interim foreknowledge

When you have entrusted us with your accounting, we regularly send you reports on the results of your business, so you have an overview of your business.

If you are still not sure whether we can help you, read on

  • You are a small or large company with an international background. You operate in a variety of business spheres such as international truck transport, purchasing and selling goods, IT services or industry.
  • Your intention is to outsource accounting for various reasons, or you only need to secure external auditing. Receiving regular accounting records and performing interim reports to plan the results before the end of the year are a sure thing for you.
  • You expect proposals to deal with various specific situations and a positive approach during our cooperation.