It is difficult for a foreign entrepreneur to adapt to a foreign-language market. It is our pleasure to help you with it. We keep an eye on the constantly changing labor legislation so we can respond promptly to legal changes that may affect you.

During our existence, we have gained valuable experience representing our clients in the inspections of labor inspectorates, social security institutions and tax authorities.

Only an experienced expert in the field is able to distinguish between an assignment, a temporary allocation and a business trip. We will be happy to help you with their proper application to avoid potential negative consequences.

Personnel and payroll consultancy in Ehatax


You do not have to worry about the processing of your employees’ salaries; no unauthorized person will be granted access to the discreet information.

Experience in the international field

Thanks to many years of experience verified by a number of inspections conducted by the state authorities, we can reliably help you with international labor movement.


We care about salary processing, but we can also help you with the preparation of various documents in the field of labor law. We can also help you in dealing with labor issues through cooperation with our lawyer.

To find out if we are a good partner for you, please read on.

  • You work in construction, international truck transport or in the automotive industry and employ a large staff. Your employees are delegated or assigned to perform work not only within the European Union but also in countries outside the EU.
  • For this purpose, you first of all need to ensure the issuance of the A1 forms, or a license for the performance of a temporary employment agency in Slovakia or abroad, and to assess the legislation under which the employees are liable in terms of paying taxes and contributions.
  • You need to process salaries in regular monthly periods in compliance with Slovak and international legislation, and respond to various issues in the field of labor law.