How do you perceive collaboration with Ehatax?

We have been working together with Ehatax since the very beginning. For our German speaking clients, the company provides accounting and tax counseling. Ehatax is a benchmark for quality and professionality both for us and our clients. It might sound like a cliché, but our capital interest is a content customer. And we know with Ehatax we create satisfied customers.

Why do you cooperate with Ehatax? How does it facilitate your life?

The question itself offers an answer. The facilitation of business life is the reason why I appreciate the cooperation with Ehatax. Employees of Ehatax know their clients’ business activities well and this way they can work independently without involving the clients when it is not necessary.

What do you appreciate about our company?

Your greatest benefit is openness and the ability to be flexible in solving accounting and tax problems, which is not very common nowadays. Years of experience in international tax law sets Ehatax ahead of their competition and it is the main criterion of our clients for whom Ehatax provides accounting and tax counseling.

Jaroslav Makel, CEO