How do you perceive collaboration with Ehatax?

My company, Innova Solutions International s.r.o., has been active for more than eight years in Slovak and international business. Ehatax has been in charge of all our tax and financial matters since the early days. We very much appreciate the fact that many of the company’s employees are active in several languages, especially German and English.

Why do you cooperate with Ehatax? How does it facilitate your life?

On the basis of Ehatax’s national and international experience as a financial expert, we are able to resolve even difficult financial situations for our local and foreign operations.

What do you appreciate about our company?

Team members of Ehatax are extremely reliable and advise us professionally in all financial and financially related legal matters. All statutory changes affecting us are communicated to us automatically. Since we have been cooperating with Ehatax, we have not had a single problem with Slovak and foreign financial authorities.

Bernhard Mailinger, CEO